Creative Insights

Why Quality Content is critical for SEO

The phrase ‘Content is King’ is fast becoming another cliché.  But what does it mean for business owners and why does content play such a vital role in the ‘searchability’ of your website?  We take a closer look. What’s the hype about all this Content? When Larry Page...

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Put all your marketing eggs in our basket

The idiom of ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ is well-known, however, when you don't have the digital expertise in-house, the benefits of a full-service Marketing Agency are plentiful. No entrepreneur succeeds as an island Creative Imagineering offers the full...

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The brands that flopped and topped April Fool’s Day pranks

The April Fool’s Day pranks this year in South Africa were considered mediocre or just plain lame. Some were so average that you may even have missed them. We look at some of the pranks that worked and the total flops. April Fool's phone APP for ‘tasting’ Pick n Pay...

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6 reasons your company needs a Learning Management System

6 reasons your company needs a Learning Management System The tech revolution has changed the way we work, play and even learn.  If you are a progressive company embrace this change and invest in an online training platform. Read our 6 reasons your company needs a...

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Is Facebook advertising dead or alive?

You may have noticed that your organic reach on Facebook is just not what it used to be.  Did less than 10% of your fans see your last post?  And this is a fact.  So, you may be questioning its efficacy as an advertising platform. We explore whether...

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Why Marketing Should Remain Your First Love

In today’s global and digitised playground, everyone is competing in the gig market.  Fortunately, companies are realising the power of a more holistic approach to create and maintain a strong brand identity, consumer loyalty, and effective competitive strategies.

One could argue that the brain of a business is its finance department, it’s personality the sales department and its body the product on offer. Continuing to follow the same analogy, the marketing department is the heart that pumps the oxygen and nutrients to the body.

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