Creative Insights

Why Marketing Should Remain Your First Love

In today’s global and digitised playground, everyone is competing in the gig market.  Fortunately, companies are realising the power of a more holistic approach to create and maintain a strong brand identity, consumer loyalty, and effective competitive strategies.

One could argue that the brain of a business is its finance department, it’s personality the sales department and its body the product on offer. Continuing to follow the same analogy, the marketing department is the heart that pumps the oxygen and nutrients to the body.

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3 Ways To Set Up Your Online Platform

Today everything is digital and with currency moving more towards crypto, cash is soon going to be a thing of the past. In the near future, most products will be sold solely online.
At Creative Imagineering we have been setting up successful commercial online platforms for years. These are the 3 fundamentals we have learned.

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2019 – The Disruptive Year – Phygital, Innovation & Tech Like Never Before

As millennials grow up, we will experience a shift towards the conscious, effective, problem-solving relationship between nature and technology. Coupled with the unvarying increase of accessibility to technology and ‘explosive’ globalisation, there is a rapidly developing increase in competition for business worldwide, which is not only changing but completely revolutionising the way things are done.

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Artificial Intelligence For Dummies

When buzzwords like 'Artificial Intelligence' and 'Machine Learning' are the latest office topic, do you A) nod awkwardly and quickly google ‘AI’, or B) churn out a mention of Tesla and Elon Musk,or C) confidently state that most jobs will be executed by robots in 30...

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