About Online Marketing Tools

The full panoply of Online Marketing Tools

Creative Imagineering is a digital agency based in Cape Town South Africa. We have embraced the full panoply of online marketing tools (SEO, Google tools and AdWords, social media and content marketing) affording our clients a valuable and powerful marketing mix of services.

Google and Search Engine Optimisation

We will help boost your sales and web traffic with our Google AdWords-based Digital Marketing packages. Do you want to sell online? Let us help you convert more click-through traffic with optimised landing pages with several calls-to-actions. Our well designed and search optimised websites and content will assure you capture traffic in Google when your select keywords match the users search questions. Our ongoing optimisation services inclusive of reporting ensure the best click-through rates and cost-per-click values.

Social Media

Creative Imagineering considers the most important social media practices and manages how social media marketing can provide for your key business needs. As social media continues to transform the way consumers choose products and services, marketers must know how to keep the conversation going.  We not only strategise and manage your social media platforms, but we will take your marketing strategies and communication skills to a new level by analysing customer feedback, customizing strategies, and exploiting new technology.

Content Creation

By writing compelling content and writing your business or brands story, we use Content to create and share media and publish this online via blogs, newsletters, emails or sms. This is our way of helping you to acquire and retain customers.

Creative Imagineering encourages online tools and utilities that you can use to your advantage to help grow your business. Visit our social media pages to keep up to date with our online tools: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.