Today everything is digital and with currency moving more towards crypto, cash is soon going to be a thing of the past. In the near future, most products will be sold solely online.

At Creative Imagineering we have been setting up successful commercial online platforms for years. These are the 3 fundamentals we have learned:

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Before registering a domain, you will need to strategically consider how the name of your business is going to facilitate its growth and success. When thinking strategically, it’s not enough to know where you want your brand to go – but how you will get it there. As specialists, we are able to guide you through every step in order to plan the best approach. Don’t try to master all aspects of your business alone, There are various ways in which you can secure a domain, and a web hosting account – and both are very important fundamentals to get right when setting up a commercial online space.

“Finding web hosting has become easy in a way since there are so many options to choose from. However, choosing the right web hosting package has become difficult for that exact same reason. There are so many companies offering hosting and so many different packages to choose from. Everyone has their own needs and finding the right place to host a website takes time.”

Here are 18 web hosting platforms, which may suit you, depending on your needs, let us help you choose the best one for you. 

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There are numerous E-commerce platforms out there. Through trial and error, we have become familiar with the best and also the worst. Again, this process, too, isn’t so clear cut. Choosing your online platform is influenced by a variety of factors such as what your expected turnover is and your distribution strategy. Are you aware of all the taxes, terms and conditions that come with each product category in South Africa? All these aspects are going to affect your costing and retail price.

To begin with, we’ll get you an SSL certificate– from there we will talk about all the various options to make sure that your business online runs optimally. 

“An SSL certificate adds a special security layer on your website, so you can accept sensitive information such as credit card numbers and other personal information. This is required for you to accept credit card payments on your website.”

The last thing you want to do is get orders mixed up, confused, or not delivered. It’s imperative to choose a payment method that suits your business needs.  

  • THERE IS AN ART BEHIND UPLOADING PRODUCT PICTURES AND DESCRIPTIONS- in marketing terms, this is called ‘the brand voice’, and a marketer knows that your brand’s voice is critical for the success of your business.

“The reason so few brands actually have a dominating voice in their market is because they focus too much on what they think the consumer wants them to be, instead of having a very clear understanding of who they are in themselves.”

Let’s take for example a massively popular online platform: Gumtree. Gumtree sells everything from cars, to rollerblades to cutlery – you name it. There are also many similar, if not identical items being sold at the same time by different sellers. What makes the consumer choose one over the other? Two things:

  1. Image quality
  2. Content presentation

At Creative Imagineering we have our own in-house photographers and highly skilled content writers who will turn your product, from a need, into a necessity. 

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