The world of web development and new technology moves at the speed of sound. What was hip last year, is so yesterday this year. Design is one of the most important aspects of web development, taking up 30% of the time. That’s why as web development specialists and graphic designers, Creative Imagineering keeps abreast of new trends. This is what is hip and happening for 2018 according to an article by Merehead.

1)  Responsive websites – these will remain into 2018. It was the launch of Apple iPhones that created the conundrum for designers to adapt their websites to suit any device. And of course, with the 4,7 billion mobile phones used globally, designers were literally forced to adapt or die.

2) Patterns, Lines, Circles and Geometric shapes – this trend emerged in 2016, gained popularity in 2017 and according to Merehead will continue to develop in 2018. The blending of flat and material design with decorative elements and simple shapes is HIP. 2D design continues to exist, although the article refers to some changes here.

3) Bright colours are here to stay – Bright colours have been the trend in 2017 and are here to stay in 2018. Material design and flat design combine perfectly with bright ones. Colours transition is now a contemporary trend in modern design. This has changed the colours we apply to corporate images and logos. The trend has moved from flat colours to multi-coloured gradients and transition ones. Logos, buttons, and other elements have got a new style. It is important to mix colours in the right way to avoid garish colour combinations. Read more

4) Unique Pictures and Graphics – Less is more. This is especially true when you want to create a clean, striking and beautiful web landscape. Therefore, we will see the popularity of graphic illustrations growing. This refers to go Infographics and Sketch Art. Infographics are great to illustrate complex processes. Sketch Art is crafting sketches and it has captured businesses globally with its simplicity. Line art icons are contour drawings used in web design. These will continue to reign supreme into 2018. This is mainly because of their superior level of visual performance compared with stock icons.

5) Photo Content still Rules – In a cluttered environment where users are faced with a barrage of information, it’s not surprising that the original photo still rules. This is particularly relevant for e-commerce sites and remains the trend for 2018. It is interesting that the reasons are obvious: more than 60% of users believe that the decisive factor of a purchase is using unique pictures and photos. If you want to highlight your exclusivity or level of expertise, you should avoid stock photos and go with originals only.

6) Animation – Animation is being used more and more. Even in logos and icons. Video and GIF that work in a continuous cycle is proving to be a popular way of adding drama, interest and movement to pages. Animation is also successful in retaining your visitor’s attention span for a longer time. This is one of the analytics measured by Google, so it’s what you want.

7) Extensions – Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) will surpass the old PNG, JPEG and even GIF images and become the number 1 most popular extension. This is because SVG’s are easy to scale with no loss of image quality. In addition, the size of SVG files are acceptable. When it comes to software Sketch will displace Photoshop. Forecasters believe that Sketch has already surpassed Photoshop and in 2018 the difference will become more significant. As a result, Adobe will lose part of users – web and UI designers.

8) Social networks in 2018 – In 2018 Behance and Dribbble will be more powerful and authoritative. As a designer your artworks on these social networks will significantly increase the recognition of your brand.

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