Mandela Day calls on us all to make the world a better place.  As the world reflects on one of its greatest iconic leader’s 100th birthday – we are calling on you to join us in making this #MandelaDay even greater.  If you cannot give of your time, you can still make a difference by donating to a great cause.

Imagine the potential of our nation – if every student had an equal chance?mandela day

This Mandela Day we have chosen to give the gift of education tutoring to these twin sisters – Likhona & Lilitha Vonqo. 

Their Story

These sisters are in their final year of school at Khayamandi High School in Stellenbosch. They were born in Khayamandi township and raised by a single mother in very challenging circumstances.

None of their family has ever passed matric or studied at University, but these sisters want to change that, and we are going to help!

Through the Preeva Foundation, we will be sponsoring regular tutoring for the twins for the rest of their studies, starting with a 67-minute lesson on Mandela Day. We will support them in their dreams to empower themselves through education and uplift people in their community.

We asked the girls what their dream in life is and this is what they said: “Our dream …is to help the needy and helpless people in our community to live a happy life who don’t have one.”

Lilitha wants to become a Lawyer and Likhona a psychologist. Our first goal together will be to secure them a place at university. Their regular tutoring is our most powerful weapon.  Here are more students like these girls who would benefit immensely from sponsored tutoring.

Mandela Day

You, too, can sponsor extra help for students who have dreams but don’t have the means of achieving them. Through the Preeva Foundation, you can sponsor one or several students and use their APP to monitor how the student’s lessons are going and how they are progressing as a result of your support.

Mandela Day

Only R65.00 pays for an hour of tutoring!

The Preeva Foundation – this is how they work:

  • They offer non-fee-paying students free, regular tutoring.
  • They partner with schools and universities to provide safe spaces secured for regular tutoring to take place.
  • Well-equipped Preeva tutors are then matched with the students.
  • The students are tutored for 3 hours a week, year-round.

Donate to the Preeva Foundation so that they can continue to their valuable work. Or Sponsor a student’s tutoring.

madiba mandela day

We invite you to join us to celebrate Madiba’s life and legacy in a sustainable way that will bring about enduring change.