The idiom of ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ is well-known, however, when you don’t have the digital expertise in-house, the benefits of a full-service Marketing Agency are plentiful.

full-service marketing

No entrepreneur succeeds as an island

Creative Imagineering offers the full panoply of marketing services.  We have a specialised team that rolls up our sleeves and gets under the bonnet of your business.  We get immersed in your brand DNA and can act as a seamless extension of your Communications Department.

“We get under the bonnet of your business.” Creative Director, Creative Imagineering

Cost-effectiveness of a full-service Marketing Agency

With a team of up to five digital experts, you benefit from a depth of skills ranging from digital advertising, graphic and web design to content writing.  If you were to hire all these skills in-house it would be a costly overhead to sustain.  Even having a heavy-weight Marketer in place may not be the ideal solution since it’s almost impossible to possess all the skills required and often results in out-sourcing anyway.

full-service marketing

No complex staff contracts

Having a full-service agency at your disposal requires a simple Service Level Agreement between two parties.  The benefit here is that you don’t need to hire legal and human resource experts to compile your staff employment contracts.

No company tax, UIF or benefits

When you onboard staff members there are several costs to a company that can pressurize your overheads.  Additional expenses that need to be factored in include staff benefits and company contributions to the Unemployment Fund and the Skills Development Levy.

full-service marketing

Avoid hefty costs of hiring

We all know that great talent is hard to find.  Recruitment is a costly affair often taking up to 6 months to find the perfect match.  Agencies recoup their costs by taking a percentage of salaries for at least the first year of employment.

Managing budgets made easy by a full-service Marketing Agency

You can set an annual budget allocated to your outsource Marketing services, which means that we can keep a tab on your budget for you.  Monthly report backs ensure that you are satisfied with the budget tracking and annual budgets are never exceeded.

full-service marketing

Creative Imagineering is a niche boutique digital marketing agency.  This means we have rapid turnaround times and you don’t have to wait in a long traffic queue to get your jobs out on deadline.  We have an excellent track record of immersing ourselves in your business and operating as an internal department.  Our Client Testimonials speak volumes.

We look forward to starting the conversation.

full-service marketing