The Design Village at the end of the Rainbow

We love this bohemian rainbow village in Indonesia. The village has transformed itself from a former degraded slum into an explosion of colour and whimsical designs.

Kampung Pelangi, a small village in Indonesia, spent $22k on the phenomenal design makeover and has become an instant Instagram sensation. The village is also reaping the benefits from tourism. Local businesses are seeing a rise in souvenir and food sales.

Rainbow Village Kampung Indonesia

The project was initiated by 54-year-old junior high principal Slamet Widodo. It has transformed at least 232 homes in Kampung Pelangi into works of art. The project encourages community participation and creative murals bursting with colour and creativity adorn the walls of narrow passageways. The village is alive and bustling with tourist interest. The project has been such a resounding success that local government is about to invest more into similar villages.

Rainbow Village Kampung Indonesia

Creative Imagineering loves the use of colour and playful design. And how colour has changed the destiny of these villagers. Bright colours and textured designs are set to remain a design trend into 2018.