Creative Imagineering teams up with Vespa for a custom designed scooter

Be the architect of your personal brand

A pleased client

Be the architect of your personal brand

As business owners, we invest thousands of rands and hours in strategic think-tanks crafting our business strategy and brand styles.  But do we ever stop to consider that as leaders in our field, our personal brands are integrally linked to our business brands?   How we present ourselves to our stakeholders through consistent messaging, online branding portals and personal flair and style – all contribute to the value of our business brand.  You are the architect of your personal brand and this brand also needs a few signature elements, a DNA, that defines your unique identity.  It’s important to take charge of how you want to be perceived. And this doesn’t necessarily begin and end with your designer suit.  There are some fun brand extensions that can take your personal brand to another level.

A balancing act

Years of navigating branding creativity in a rapidly evolving business landscape, has clearly illustrated that the days of conventional design and style are fading fast.

To be considered a worthy creative consultant in the corporate world, one must constantly develop a relevant knowledge base and design intelligence to make balanced choices.  As part of consulting on business strategy, it’s imperative to develop skills that seamlessly blend brand design into the strategy.  Over and above this, one needs to know how to effectively use new-age blended disciplines and branding platforms to bring these strategies to life.  With this comes a certain business confidence that we instil and encourages our clients to also trust their instincts.

Be the best version of yourself

Custom design graphicComparable to campaigning for your business or brand, we all know that actions speak louder than words. When it comes to your personality, talking and speeches are superfluous, unless you can substantiate them. It was Batman who said: “It’s not who you are underneath; it’s what you do that defines you.”

So, when we talk about ‘walking the talk’ and ‘making a personal statement’ we refer to a case in point.  For instance, when one of our clients Trevor McLean-Anderson, the MD of Axis House and Velocity Sports Labs decided to buy a motorcycle.  Not just an ordinary one, a Vespa.  And then he expressed his spontaneity and joy of living by customising his ride to show a little irreverence and love of freedom, then your personality begins to shine. This “accessory” has become an extension of your personal brand, because you have styled it to match your personality.  Who remembers that you said you would do it? So, we say pimp your Vespa and allow your personal brand to shine.

Dave Beer from Vespa, Cape Town says: “The Vespa is the ultimate scooter for a someone who is very individual.  Some people buy one and don’t realise that they can be customised.  When Trevor bought his I met him over a beer and got to know him first and then we built the bike to match his personality.  We kept him updated daily on how his Vespa was transforming.  The result is customised ride that is an extension and a snapshot of his personality.”

When we asked Trevor for a quote he had this to say: “Your legacy is your life. BOOOMMMM!”

Creative Imagineering is a boutique agency that works with top corporate clients and individuals who require the expert advice and creative input from a team of individuals who are multi-talented and digitally-wise. Our girl geeks have sass, are savvy and thrive on originality. We will help you put a personal stamp on your brand style.

creating-the-vespaVespa is an Italian brand of scooter synonymous with style.  They are known for their painted, pressed steel unibody.  They reflect a sporty and dynamic intrinsic. In recent years, many urban commuters have purchased new or restored Vespas. A shortage of available parking for vehicles in large urban areas and the Vespa’s low running costs are two reasons for the increase in Vespa popularity. The cultural use of the scooter as a recreational vehicle with a sub-cultural following in the USA/Canada and parts of Europe & Japan has also contributed to the rise in Vespa ownership. This resurgence in interest in vintage motor scooters has also spawned a scooter restoration industry, with many restored Vespas being exported from Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia to the rest of the world.