Creating a landing page and the benefits

Creating a landing page and the benefits

Creating a landing page is a necessary digital marketing component and an integral part of your online presence to showcase your service or product. Good landing pages which answer the questions asked by your audience and then direct the user accordingly with effective calls-to-action are key to succeeding to convert goals into engagements.

A landing page is a special page that you create on your website to amongst other things, collect the user’s information and in return you provide them with some reward or bonus. This bonus can take the form of a PDF, a download, or any number of other resources which the user is interested in, relating to your service or product.

You might have an awesome video that demonstrates how to make something extraordinary. But before the visitor or user is able to download the video, they must fill out a short form. This form may just ask for their email address and name, or even a few other pertinent questions if it relates directly to the video or item that they are interested in.

This is where your landing page is crucial for your business. Your landing page allows you to collect relevant information from users and visitors who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. There is some level of commitment the visitor must be willing to make in exchange for what you give them. You may begin to see that creating a landing page is a golden opportunity. But if you do not construct a good landing page, then it will be a wasted opportunity. Let’s look at a few pointers to have in mind when creating a landing page:

1. A Single Strong Focus

When you plan your landing page, the focus of the page is one of the first things to consider. It needs to convey a clear and easy to understand motive. Why do you want the user to visit your page and what is the reason they are here? The hardest part of the entire process is answering this question and only this question. Take time to determine what the single most important reason is for your landing page. When you come up with other ideas (which you will), write them down as other potential landing pages. Start writing out your page content once you have defined your focus. The goal here would be to keep it concise, to the point and simple. Use a minimum number of paragraphs and try to keep your sentences short. Here is an example:
Creating a landing page - A single strong focus

2. A Quick and Simple Call to Action

While you are writing your content, you need to keep in mind what the action is that you want the visitor to take. You will most probably ask them to fill out a form so that you can collect some information. But that is not always the only call to action. You might want the user to schedule a meeting or sign up for a newsletter. Your landing page needs a call to action. Don’t obscure and overcomplicate the call to action. You do not want to create confusion with the visitor when they arrive on your landing page, as a clear call to action will keep them engaged and in control of what they should do. An example:
Creating a landing page - A quick and simple call to action

3. A Low Commitment Level

Initially you want the user to complete the call to action. You will experience a much higher conversion rate, if you make the landing page easy to understand. The visitor must be given steps to complete without too much effort. If this is the first time a visitor is interacting with your business online, they will want to find out about you before jumping into an “intense relationship”. Make the commitment as simple and easy as possible when you plan your landing page. This will encourage your visitor to engage. Here is an example of a low commitment landing page:
Creating a landing page - A low commitment level

4. The Quick Reward

Once your user has landed on your page, completed the steps to your simple call to action and made that initial commitment, then they need to be rewarded and rewarded quickly. The reward is the original asset or item the page originally promised. Providing an immediate reward is the best way to reinforce the commitment the visitor has made and reassure them to be confident in their decision. Keep this end result in mind when creating a landing page. Be sure you are rewarding those users who are completing your call to action. Creating a landing page is a powerful resource to generate new leads for your online business. The visitor receives something and you receive something, as landing pages provide valuable information to you but also to your users. A landing page is a great start to a potentially long-term relationship.