The old adage – to put all the eggs in one basket – comes to mind when considering adopting a sound marketing strategy.

It is becoming increasingly evident that the distinction between digital and traditional marketing is blurring. Marketers need to address the relevance of blending both methods to find the sweet spot that affords them the opportunity to reach their target audience.

The creative side of marketing is being redefined constantly as consumer behaviour, technology and media constantly evolve. In the past, we believed in an artistic, managerial and promotional approach. Today, marketers must be driven to think more like innovators and entrepreneurs. The big picture, which engages the whole lifecycle of a marketing plan, has to showcase value, inclusive of the brand or business, right through to the customer experience. Data has become the decision maker, as we are now able to measure effectiveness based on business results. This said, one needs to address a multi-platform approach to glean proper statistics to measure. This cannot rely purely on a digital source. There absolutely has to be a marriage of techniques employed by marketers to properly engage with the consumer and thereby augment the business the opportunity to achieve the best return on their marketing investment.

Focussing on the trend of an entrepreneurial approach in marketing, we have to look at every marketing initiative as if launching a new enterprise. This is known to yield a hit-or-miss result. You plan a campaign, pitch to the business, get your team to start with the rollout, introduce the product and motivate the business to sell as hard as they can. New research by Harvard Business School’s Shikhar Ghosh shows, 75% of all start-ups fail. So, to make this whole process less risky it is imperative that the marketer and business favour experimentation as opposed to elaborate planning. Trial and error and continued learning are now the buzz words which help motivate a practice of organic success with your integrated marketing approach.

Advice on Four Integrated Marketing Mix Techniques 

  • Form a plan on a platform that can be distributed through various channels.
  • Use conventional methods (e.g. print advertising) to create awareness and push consumers to the digital experience (or vice versa).
  • Take advantage of the method you see working. Sometimes traditional methods make more sense, don’t just jump on the “digital bandwagon”. Traditional avenues have a proven success rate. However, remember that digital is nimble and affords a roll out across for less CTC.
  • Use professional content marketing which is not just a glib use of words and information, but a conscious cocktail of useful content and subtle advertising.